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Northern Adriatic

The Northern Adriatic is still a nautical oasis of peace where you will find without any doubt a cove that will be only yours. The whispering sea, the sound of crickets and the seducing fragrance of Mediterranean plants will follow you anywhere you decide to stop. And during your journey you will have in front of you the whiteness of the proud rocks that have been resisting for centuries north-eastern wind and salt, the green colour of the tall Mediterranean forests and the blue colour of one of the most beautiful seas. It is an image you will remember forever. But, as soon as you feel the need to spend some time at a marina, a few miles from the hidden and peaceful coves there are highly equipped marinas that will satisfy you in every way. And there is more. You can try the Kvarner Gulf scampi (prawns, shrimps) only in the area of the Northern Adriatic. Their taste is particular, different, simply perfect. Even though you could never get tired of the taste of these prawns while sailing on the Northern Adriatic, you cannot miss having the lamb, the one prepared on the island of Cres. Whereas a glass of real žlahtina wine from Vrbnik, which you can have only on the island of Krk, or a glass of wine from the island of Susak, whose grapes mature on the island’s sandy peaks, guarantee a good mood. You could write a book on the northern part of the Adriatic, its islands, fragrances and flavours, but instead we present you the routes through which you will experience what has been said so far, and much more. While sailing from Cres to Lošinj, Unije, Susak and Ilovik, from Krk, Goli otok and Rab, you will enjoy every moment and the only wish you will have is to stop the time. We believe that this part of the Adriatic will get under your skin creating an unbreakable relationship that will last forever.

Northern Dalmatia

Once you pass through the Kvarner Gulf gate you will be greeted with a warm welcome to the magical world of the northern Dalmatian islands by the islands of Premuda, Silba and Olib. The turquois sea and sandy beaches will leave you breathless. But it is only the beginning. Which is why you have to take a deep breath because before you reach the islands of Kornati, where we will end our sailing experience in this part of the Adriatic, there are a lot of natural beauties that has always been respected by the modest people on the islands, who, in turn, have been enjoying the beauties of nature. What follows are the islands of Ist and Molat, which will mesmerize you by their safe coves and beautiful scenery and from where it is possible to admire the panoramic views the whole way to the island of Dugi otok (Long island). And, as the island’s name itself says, long is the list of the things that you should see on the island: from the lighthouse of Veli rat the top of which offers an impressive panoramic view of the endless sea to the natural park of Telašćica, where you will feel like in a different world. While sailing from one end of the island to the other you will come across twelve island towns, among which we recommend the magnificent town of Božava and Sali, where you should stop if for no other reason than to try the only true sardine, since the inhabitants of Sali are widely known for their sardines. If while sailing along the island you turn towards east, you will have to visit the neighbouring islands of Zverinac, Sestrunj, Rivanj, Iž, Rava, Ugljan and Pašman. Each of these islands has a story of its own. Among so many stories you have to read at least one. And at the end their majesties the islands of Kornati. These islands are unique and unrepeatable. Nowhere will you find so much contrast like on these islands. Denuded, with almost no trees, and covered with rocks that defy time, the islands of Kornati are a proof of windy winters and humid and searing summers. However, as soon as you see a small port, with one house or a few of them, and witness a warm welcome typical for the inhabitants of these islands, you will forget about all that brutality. And these small ports are the most beautiful in the world. Perhaps there are ports more appealing to the eye, but certainly not to the heart. But we should not forget that in addition to the islands between Karlobag, Zadar and Šibenik there are other things to see. Even though these areas are part of the civilized world, the charm of typical Dalmatian towns and inhabitants is present everywhere. This coexistence between modern man, tradition and nature is unbelievable. It is obvious at every step and it will not leave anybody indifferent.      

Islands of the northern Adriatic

Goli otok

Islands of the northern Dalmatia

Dugi otok